Antonín Reichenauer. A Catalogue of His Works (Rk)


The thematic catalogue of works by Antonín Reichenauer (ca. 1696–1730) collects information about the composer's oeuvre and its sources. It is conceived as an online publication of the "work in progress" type: at the end of each work record, there is always the date of the last update, and at this stage, we are still adding new records and cannot exclude some changes in the numbering of works. The catalogue follows the previously published catalogue of Reichenauer's instrumental music (Václav Kapsa: Musicians of Count Morzin, Praha 2010, pp. 177–192), the numbering of which is preserved. The catalogue itself is created only in English, while the accompanying texts are available simultaneously in English and Czech. The recordings are processed using the MerMEId editor and published online as part of the project "Thematic Catalogues of Czech Composers Online" focusing on lesser-known composers working in Prague in the early eighteenth century. The project is supported by the Strategy AV21 programme. The significant partner of the catalogue is the Metropolitan Chapter at St. Vitus in Prague, in whose historical music collection the most extensive group of compositions by Antonín Reichenauer survived.